Penis Growth Guide – Science or Scam?


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When researching penis growth solutions, i came across penis growth pills, creams and supplements, but do any of these do anything to help a penis grow?

There are multiple penis growth stages, which are largely correlate with age and level of puberty or sexual maturation that a male is going though at the time of measurement.  On top of that, there is the girth (width) as well as the length of the shaft to consider, and where the base is decided upon for measurement statistics.

Some people swear by exercises and careful presentation of the genitalia, such as trimming the pubic hair around the pubic bone to enhance the perceived length of the penis. When it comes to it, I don’t know if there is a science to male enhancement, but i do know that there must be a whole army of people working on it right now, cos if they can do, there will be a lot of people who will want it!  TBH, i hope there is never a cheap, easy way to do it because then everyone will do it and i will be forced to do it myself :)

I’m thinking the first 3 places you should look for some good old penis info would be for penis growth guides, and also here for the penis growth guide review.

Make sure you get something with a guarantee, and try to avoid surgery until a last option.  Better to try changing your mind than changing the body.  We live in an age where we can do some amazing surgery, but most cosmetic surgery is not without risks, requires you to treat the affected parts more delicately and requires a lot of costly maintenance, try to resist IMO!

How can i make mine grow naturally?

IS it possible to make my penis grow bigger, naturally?  That is the question i have been asking all my life!

It is normal to feel dissatisfied with a small or average penis length or girth in the 21st Century, but i want to say two things.  Races do have different sizes in general, and often the girls dont care at all, its a man thing to think about penis size and that it matters.

the best advice i can give you is to plough straight ahead, no matter your size, because that will build and display confidence, and all women dig a bit of confidence dont they?  If you are a real man, they you will not let a missing limb stop you in your achievement of your goals – especially not the size of your manhood, right?

stone penis statue grown big

Rock hard

make mine grow pdf

it is possible to get the PDF on certain sites but you only get an ebook at most – no videos – no support group, no money back guarantee, just maybe a virus, or someone who knows you want help on penis extension products… I did not find a make mine grow download.

make mine grow book reviews

I advise you to seek out all the reviews you need to. I have found one here at which you are free to critique – let me know what you think! Also look out for make mine grow customer reviews on the techniques and exercises described

So, does the penis enhancement information given in the ‘’ website result in measurable results? I dont know, i dont want to measure anyone’s penis! Seriously though, dont bother with gadgets and creams and pills, just do exercises – IMO that is the natural way to do it.  And please, no surgery! Wiki.

What is the Stamina Secret? And can it really make men last longer in bed?

IS there a stamina secret?

statue of man who does not last long in bed

He doesnt last too long…


How long do you last – 5 mins, 10, 1 hour?  For some, it is seconds and for those men, the idea of sex can be a daunting one.  When we first start out in our sexual escapades, it is daunting for us all, let alone if we should happen to disappoint the object of our affections by taking our climax and denying her of hers within the first few moments of touch, embrace and sweaty anticipation.

If there was a stamina secret, then i demanded to know it!  I tracked down the website by the same name, on google without too much difficulty, and what it told me in the ebook was surprising.

They say that actually, no pills or potions are required and that the answer to increase stamina is… exercise.  Seems pretty obvious now doesnt it – I didnt have to read the whole review to figure that out.

You can download the ebook for free in PDF format but i found that watching videos offered me a complete solution to premature ejaculation concerns that had not been alleviated in the male performance forums and chat groups online.

If you want to know if the stamina secret can work for you, i suggest that you head over to the stamina secret home page for general info or go straight to the stamina secret review otherwise you will have to sift through all the info on wikipedia.

My personal total sex guide

Here is the video that first got me REALLY interested in How To Talk To A Girl that i really liked, and from there, in to how to give her the best sex that she has ever experienced.

Most guys are just looking to cum and be done, but i wanted to explore sex as an adventure, a journey to share, and keep her interested in me as well! All of this led to me compiling a sort of complete sex manual that I have used, and now am in a position (not a sex position!) to share.

Total sex guides date back eons as illustrated here

Total sex guides date back eons as illustrated here

When i was younger, there were a few girls in school that i had mad crushes on. I would say that they weren’t even crushes – they were love! I don’t think I’ve ever felt that disempowering feeling more than those first few times i was in love. It disables you – it stops you acting normal or being in any way ‘cool’. How did evolution leave this vital obstacle in the way of successful procreation?

here are my top tips on approaching girls – the first part of any good sex guide:

1. Make eye contact.  If you get eye contact a few times and you get the feeling that it might be on… it is!  Approach now or look like a pussy.

2. Smile.  Men can be intimidating – If you’ve ever stood next to someone bigger than you then you know this feeling.  A Woman needs to feel safe and a smile is disarming.  Besides, if someone smiles at you, you tend to like them.  If you frown, the world frowns back and all…

3. Be familiar.  Speak as if you’re old friends.  If someone looks awkward, they make the other person feel awkward.  AVOID this self fulfilling prophecy by just acting familiar, it’s so easy.

4. Drop a time constraint.  This is a little loophole to exploit.  Just mention that you can’t stick around / you can only talk for a minute / you have to get back to your friends but / … etc.

How To Approach A Girl, seduce her, jointly experience the best sex of your lives, then grow the relationship through middle and old age… what a question! Well, i think that sex is an integral part of a longstanding and successful intimate partnership, and so i really advise you learn and read. Good resources for me are the total sex guide home page, as well as the total sex guide review - all on or consult the wiki sex guide.

How to seduce hot girls without rejection

I have taken it upon myself to reveal the 3 Female ‘Loophole’ Questions that have I learned recently that can be used to seduce hot girls in to bed without them even realising that you seducing them.

seduce this girl in yellow dress?


The 3 questions you want to ask a hot chick are addressed in the videos, but in my opinion I would like to add more to this from my own experience:

1. Questions are not always the best method. ‘Assuming the close’ historically works well in sales, so asking may just be allowing for a rejection – sometimes it is better to presume!  This is especially true if you are seducing an ex girlfriend, as it intimacy will already be familiar and comfortable.

2. Suggestions in the form of rhetorical questions have been used by advertisers, hypnotists and NLP practioners for decades – “Isn’t it warm in here?” and taking off your jacket without waiting for response may shortcut her thought process somewhat and make her think that it is hot, and then follow your lead by taking off her jacket. I don’t know if it would work for underwear though! Maybe in a joky context once you know eachother a little better!

3. Controversial, antagonistic questions can be brought out if nothing else seems to be getting her attention. Some people just need more stimulus before they get engaged enough to respond. “What’s your problem” / “Are you always this high maintenance?” etc can work wonders if said in the right tone – usually playfully works the best for me. That even works on seducing married women.
If you still want to know more about the Female Loophole 3 Questions, please just watch the videos now on the video-testimonial page or just start off the same place i did – the seduce hot girls home page.  If all else fails, try a google search! 

Is the Make Any Girl Want To Fuck Craze Over-Hyped?

girls logo pictureIF you are like me, then the chances are that you have been asking yourself the same question as me: Is the Make Any Girl Want To Fuck Craze Over-Hyped?

In my opinion there are two basic ways to look at – the same way that there are 2 ways I start a conversation with a girl – direct and indirect.

Which I use always depends on the situation and the girl. Below, we’ll look at both, then you pick the one you want to try and go do it! Please bear in mind that no matter how much you read, you will have to go out and try both at some point (more than once) before you know for sure which works best for you. With practice, you will find that you can make any girl want to kiss you.

How to start a conversation with a girl using an indirect opener:

Just start a conversation with a girl in a familiar tone, as if you’ve known them all your life.

Ask them a question you need to know an answer for, such as, where the next class is or nearest coffee shop. If you can ask them an open question then that gives them more to talk about. Asking for opinions is good here such as: what do you think of the food, do you think my hair is better than my friends, do you like a particular person, etc. Once you get talking you can build a relationship, even if not immediately, the next time you can speak more easily as you know each other. Well done!
Start a conversation the direct way:

This means stating your intentions toward the woman very clearly. This is best suited for a bar or club environment rather than at work or at a family function! Be bold, confident and don’t act phased no matter what happens, be cool, what ever she says (yes, no or maybe) treat it as no big deal. Girls love to be approached WELL. They hate to be approached BADLY. A bad approach is when you grab their ass, call them derogatory names or are sloppily drunk. Even if she says no, who would not secretly like the fact that someone told them that they think they are great?  If you can make the girl laugh or smile then you are on to a winner!  I learned all this from this review of vin di carlos pandoras box system which is somewhere on the site, which i use for all my PUA resources, other than wiki’s like


Is it possible to make any girl want to fuck you?

First of all, you will have to learn how to talk to women.  After obsessing over one particular girl for a while, eventually our paths would cross, and even those times where i look back and she was probably interested, i still managed to goof it up! It’s one thing to talk to a girl, that can be hard enough. It’s another to talk to a girl you really like! Here’s how i overcame that:

1. Always be ready.

There are some fantastic videos on Youtube from Will Smith about his outlook and mindset. One of them is ‘If I be ready, then I ain’t got to get ready!’ Sometimes my girl in question would walk around the corner, we’d half smile, maybe say something lame to her and then before i knew it she was gone :(

Always be ready so you can spot an opportunity when one arises. Opportunities for all things are constantly around us, you just need to proactively be seeking them before you realise how many there are – business ideas, women, times to drop a joke, etc.

Even if you’re coming back from the gym and you are all sweaty and red faced, it is possible to make a girl obsess over you.  If you are mentally prepared for bumping in to her (or any woman) then you won’t be flustered and trip over your words/say something dumb. Instead, you can…

Picture of a girl saying

Telling me you would fuck me, doesnt make me want to fuck you

2. Have Some Canned Conversation Starters

Have one or two conversation starters that you default to if you can’t think of something relevent and situational at the time that would make her want to become your girlfriend.

For women you don’t know, i recommend the opinion opener especially: Just ask a girl, or group of girls for their opinion on something.

Ideally, go for something that evokes an emotional response, is funny or controversial, but even a closed question such as “where is the nearest coffee shop?” will get her to reply. IT might not make her crazy about you instantly, but she is talking to you and not blowing you out!

3. Switch to a canned routine

Once you have exchanged a few words, switch to a default canned routine using a line like: “Hey, you gotta see this” / “Check out this cool trick my sister just showed me” / etc.

And then run a routine. 5 lies, guess their birthday, c-shaped smile vs u-shaped smile etc – just google them for all the details on each.

Once you get good at this (it is pretty simple!) then start multi-threading conversations – add in new routines and openers while the others are still in progress. This means you have lots to talk about and feels like the way girls talk to eachother – about lots of things! The trick here is to talk as if you’re already best friends with the person – not trying to impress them or be intimidated by them, just totally straight up as you would chat to a friend.

Practice this on shop clerks, sales people , bar tenders etc as these people are paid to talk to you!  Eventually you will be as good as the examples on the famous website, and you can visit the deep page about the pandoras box system by clicking here, but you can also continue to learn about all things pick-up in places like