Our Sensuous 4 hands massage is now becoming one of the most requested forms of erotic therapy that we have on offer right now. For anyone that has not had the pleasure of 2 women at the same time in a 4 hands massage for a cuddle therapy london environment then this is surely something that you should at least try once. Having the pleasure of two of our gorgeous massage babes at the same time would surely bring anyone into seventh heaven! –

Most of our clients that try this form of 4 hands massage once are making their next booking very soon after as it really does offer a completely different feeling and vibe to the one-on-one massage experience. 4 hands massage is enjoyed by many people because of its extremely relaxing effects, and they love the feeling of two masseuses working on and pampering their bodies simultaneously. The sensation resulting from this type of erotic massage is very different from regular massages so that for people who just experienced it, may need some time to get used to it. It will help you feel at ease if you can make good communication with the therapists and vice versa to ensure you really get exactly what you want from the experience.

4 Hands Massage Styles

There are a few techniques to perform the 4 hands massage. The most classic form involves the 2 therapists working following particular steps:  one leads and the other follows. Usually, they use Swedish 4 hands massage for a cuddle therapy london techniques, making long strokes combined with other touches that are aimed to relax your body. You can typically request that some areas of your body, such as your back or legs be given special attention and your masseuses can tailor the 4 hands massage session according to your needs.

There are also instances when each of the two therapists works separately – one will focus on the upper part of your body, while the other will work on the lower part. 4 hand massages may also involve a therapist giving you a Swedish massage while her partner is doing reflexology or perhaps more sensual and erotic strokes.

The Benefits of 4 Hands Massage Therapy

Besides the sensual massage feeling and the immediate relaxation resulting from the four hands massage, you can also get some health benefits if you continue receiving this type of massage and the other forms of massages on a regular basis.  These benefits are mostly similar, whether you opt for sensual and erotic massage or other types. You can stay in good mental, physical and emotional state, and your blood circulation is enhanced by stimulating the tissues.  Your stress levels are reduced and tensions relieved.  Your tired nervous system will calm down, thereby allowing you to have a pleasant sleep and a complete rest.

The four hands massage is also recommended for people who engage in sports, as their lifestyle can cause them to suffer from muscle fatigue. A message will stretch your muscles and connective tissues, offering increased flexibility. Your body will feel invigorated and refreshed after the session.